Banners and packages

Apart from promotional packages listed here, we're happy to discuss arrangements tailored to your needs. These may include banners on our home page and/or state calendars and packaging a number of items here into a single fee (other than on-line entries). We can also arrange your own, discrete site complete with your own domain name.

Rates for advertising depend on the space, time period, and whether you also take entries online with us.

Base ad rates...
  • Pillar ad (right hand side of page, 150px x up to 250px deep, appears every page) - $1,750 per month

Note: We cannot promote organisations which are in conflict or competition with our own supporters.

Featured swim

Maximise your exposure by becoming a Featured swim. This includes promotion on the home page and expanded space inside, and promotion in our regular emailouts.

If you have your own event site, you can simply take Featured swim status, link to your own event site, then send swimmers back to, via a hyperlink, for entries online.

Featured Swim status costs $625 (swims run by charities and community groups) or $1,250 (swims run by private or commercial organisers either by themselves or on behalf of others, or by charities and community groups who engage commercial organisations to assist in the organisation and promotion of their swim -- apart from, that is).

Organiser to provide digital pics for site use and results (Excel spreadsheet) in approved format.

NB: cannot provide links to NSW or Queensland events which take on-line entries through 3rd parties. We leave our options open with regard to events in other states. The reason for this rule is that we rely on commissions on online entries to fund our activities. We will not acquiesce as event organisers direct the already meagre revenue available to organisations outside the sport. also cannot provide links to private (commercial) events unless they take Featured Swim status. 

Basic listing

Free - Calendar listing only with basic information and phone contact. No links to other websites or email addresses.

Sponsors' id works to promote your event. We are happy to list sponsors in text form on paid event pages. However, inclusion of event sponsors' logos and links and/or their promotions will be subject to a separate charge of $250 per sponsor. We believe that clouding an event page with sponsors' promotion, sometimes gratuitous and not germane to swim details, obscures the communication of information about your event.

Email-outs will list your coming event in regular email-outs in the two weeks leading up to swim day. 

Dedicated editorial in our regular emailouts (your own story in the emailout) focusing on your event: For charity organisers - $1,350 (3), or $1,200 (2), or $850 (1); for private organisers - $3,800 (3), or $2,900 (2), or $1,500 (1).

Dedicated emails (focussing only on your event): for charity organisers - $2,760 (3), $2,150 (2), $1,450 (1); for private organisers - $7,000 (3), or $5,000 (2), or $3,000 (1).

Note: We can not promote organisations which are in conflict or competition with our own supporters.

Communicating with entrants offers services to help with up-do-date and last minute communications with your entrants, for example with late organisational developments, cancellations, postponements, changes to logistical details.

Email-outs to your entrants – $50 (up to 250), $75 (251+)

SMS (text) broadcast to entrants – $0.25/text.

All such emailouts and SMS broadcasts are sent also to organisers

On-line entries

7.5 per cent of revenue for the first 250 online entries, 7 per cent for the next 250, and 6.5 per cent thereafter. Note that, if an event site links directly to online registration by-passing the event page on, then online entry commission will be subject to a surcharge of an additional 2% over and above the rates above. The reason for this is that by-passing the event page on denies entrants the opportunity to access advice about online entry which is important to a smooth entry process. Such a by-pass often results in extra work for us in clearing up problems caused by entrants being unaware how to respond if they run into difficulties whilst entering. For events that use 3rd parties (from outside the sport) to provide online entry services, the sliding scale of entries commission does not apply. Commission rates in these cases will be a flat 7.5 per cent.


Your event is responsible for GST. 

Payments will be made immediately after the event. For large events, progress payments can be made prior to the event by arrangement. 

Online entries take essential competitor information and can be configured to include, for example, entry of escort paddlers, etc. Team entries will involve a combination of individual entry and only team entry forms.


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