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Northern beaches extreme mum wins NSW fos series 2014


Christie Krenkels has won the fine ocean swimmers series 2014, after the last two rounds were washed out by heavy seas, leaving her position unassailable.

In the end, Krenkels won the series by over 40 points, when last year's winner, Rohan Skea, failed to qualify because he had not entered enough series swims. Contending punters needed to do or have entered six of the series' eight swims in order to qualify for placings and prizes in the series.

The finishing order of qualifying swimmers looks a little bit like this, as Jimmy, the piano player, used to say...

1 - Kristie Krenkels (500.57 from 7 swims)
2 - Judy Playfair (460.39, 7 swims)
3 - Lisa Critoph (445.38, 8 swims)
4 - Sean Daly (430.27, 6 swims)
5 - Warren Smith (392.99, 6 swims)
6 - Mark O'Sullivan (375.24, 7 swims)
7 - Kylee Murray (374.63, 7 swims)
8 - Kate Helsham (337.91, 7 swims)
9 - David Smith (326.77, 8 swims)
10 - Gavin Mahoney (311.21, 6 swims)
11 - Regina Haertsch (308.84, 8 swims)
12 - Jillian Pateman (306.77, 6 swims)
13 - Thomas Kilian (280,77, 6 swims
14 - Nick McCouat (278.7, 6 swims)
15 - Mark Drinkwater (274.88, 6 swims)
16 - Jim Donaldson (273.5, 7 swims)
17 - Jeremy Wheeler (263.67, 6 swims)
18 - Rosemary Leamon (254.58, 6 swims)
19 - Jacki Alcock (252.39, 8 swims)
20 - Janet Wahlquist (222.01, 6 swims)
21 - Ronene Cauchi (219.43, 7 swims)
22 - Katie Price (216.54, 6 swims)

Another 30 swimmers just missed out on qualifying for places and prizes with five of the series eight swims.

The only one of the five events in the series which Krenkels did not enter was Dawny, and that was probably because she was worried about sharks.

It was disappointing that four of the series swims were washed out by heavy seas, and another was cancelled two weeks before swim day. Onliine entrants to washed out swims received a credit of 1 point for entering (a statistical necessity allow us more easily to count the swims).

You need do only six of the series nine (now eight) events to qualify for prizes in the series. After the winner, all prizes are put to random draws of the Top 20 finishers, and the final random draw is of all qualifying swimmers.

The final round in the series was at Coogee last weekend, Sunday, April 13.

Final points...

For final points in the series... click here

We shall allow the pointscore to stand for a week or so before drawing further prizes, allowing punters with queries or challenges time to make representations to us... Click here

This season's series

Nine swims are planned in the fine ocean swimmers series 2014 -

The event program is (with random prizewinners) -

  1. Dawny's Cockatoo Challenge, Balmain, Cockatoo Island, Nov 17 (2.3km) - Olympus - Norm McIntyre; budgysmuggler - Nathan Briggs; James Squire - Gavin Mahoney
  2. Bilgola Ocean Swim, Dec 8 (1.5km) - Cancelled (heavy seas) - Olympus - Alison Trapnell; View - Nigel Hill; budgysmuggler - Gemma Goldhagen; James Squire - Matt Jeans
  3. The Big Swim, Palm Beach-Whale Beach, Stra'a Day, Jan 26 - Olympus - Elizabeth de Bono; View - Jessie Rosenberg; budgysmuggler - Martin Peters; James Squire - Ryan Hoffman
  4. Caves Beach Ocean Swim Classic, Sun, Feb 2 (1.5km) - Cancelled (administrative issues)
  5. Murray Rose's Malabar Magic, eastern suburbs, Feb 16 (2.4km) - Olympus - TBA; Xanthi - TBA; View - TBA; budgysmuggler - Jen Gwynne; James Squire - Peter Thiel
  6. Bluewater Challenge, Bondi, eastern suburbs, Feb 23 (2.1km) - Olympus - Katie Price; View - Susan Breese; budgysmuggler - Michael Gleeson; James Squire - Mark O'Sullivan
  7. Barney Mullins Classic, Freshwater, March 2 (1.5km)
  8. Stanwell Park Ocean Challenge, March 16 (2.3km) - Cancelled - heavy seas - Olympus - Michael le Mesurier; View - Marie Jennings; budgysmuggler - Mischa Mutavdzic; James Squire - Amy Maxwell
  9. Island Challenge, Coogee, April 13 (2.4km) - Cancelled - heavy seas - Olympus - Jeanine Allaous; View - Tim Green; budgysmuggler - Lauren Jamieson; James Squire - Steve Orleow

Prizewinners should contact to arrange collection of their prizes... click here



  • A trip to Vanuatu to take part in the Espiritu Santo Swim Week in June 2014;
  • A trip to Fiji to take part in the in 2014 Mana Fiji SwimFest, in September, 2014
  • An Olympus E-P5 camera to the winner

Random prizes at each participating event...

  • Olympus Tough 630 cameras to be given away at each participating event
  • Dinner voucher for $150, Xanthi Bar & Restaurant - cancelled due to Xanthi's closure on March 19
  • A View Swim Gear pack,
  • Vouchers for $50 with BudgySmuggler
  • A carton of James Squire beer

How it works

The series uses the handicap system, with each swimmer's time being weighted for age and sex to produced handicap results. This means all swimmers can compare themselves validly with all other swimmers.

The major prizes (travel packs and the Olympus E-P) can be won only by swimmers who haven't already won major prizes. In essence, the series winner gets the pick of the travel packs plus the Olympus E-P camera. But, a winner can't win a major prize twice. If a series winner has already won in preceding years, then the travel prizes and the E-P camera all are subject to random draws. There will be random draws amongst the top 20 in the series, and a final random draw of all those who qualify for points in the series, ie of those swimmers who have done five of the series swims. Thus, it's possible that all major prizes will be subject to random draws. You can win the series more than once, but you can't collect the prizes more than once.

Travel prizes must be taken in their year they are won (ie they cannot be deferred) and they are not transferable.

Swimmers must do six of the eight swims to qualify for prizes in the series, and final points will be the tally of all a qualifying swimmer's swims. That means, the more swims you do, the more points you receive. The handicap system levels the playing field for swimmers of all ages and both genders. This makes it possible for a swimmer of any age and either gender to win the series. Past winners have been a truckie (age 40), a graphic designer (age 55), a horse breaker (age 56), a lady clerical assistant in her early 50s, and a lady in her early 60s.

Qualifying cossies

To qualify for points in the series, swimmers must wear conventional cossies only. This means no fastskins, no wetties, no cossies that cover any part of the arms or legs. Blokes must wear conventional budgy smugglers (sorry, still no jammies), and laydees must wear one piece or two piece, but without arms or legs. No hi-tech material, and no material with any flotation property.

Olympus Imaging

Olympus has worked with us on the series the last three years, providing cameras as random giveaways at participating swims. This year, Olympus will provide -

  • An Olympus Tough 630 camera to a random draws of entrants to participating swims, and
  • An Olympus E-P camera to the overall winner.


We have received good support from Xanthi Greek Restaurant & Bar and its executive chef, David Tsirekas, himself an ocean swimmer. But Xanthi closed on March 19 after a long period of difficult trading. It's very sad. David served very good nosh. This also means that prizes to Xanthi cannot be honoured. Those not yet distributed will not be awarded.

We're very pleased to welcome as a supporter of the series, too. We'll give away a $50 voucher to use at at each participating swim in the series.

Vanuatu Open Water Swims and Espiritu Santo Swim Week

Sponsored by Air Vanuatu and Vanuatu tourism, prize includes airfares, accommodation, transfers and swim entry (3rd party taxes and charges attaching to airfares are the responsibility of the prize winner). Find out more about how you can join these swims -- Port Vila on June 9 and Espiritu Santo-Aore on June 12...

Mana Fiji Swim

Mana Island Resort sponsors our Mana Fiji Swim prize. Prize includes airfares, accommodation, transfers and swim entry (3rd party taxes and charges attaching to airfares are the responsibility of the prize winner). Find out more about how you can be part of this swim, and maybe come north with us to the Yasawas afterwards, too...

David Helsham Design

David Helsham Design also supports the Olympus Fine Ocean Swimmers Series 2014.

With queries... click here

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