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Overjoyed at the Dawny swim being included in the fine ocean swimmers series NSW 2015/16!

And we have a winner... already

fos nsw 1516 bannerOne round to go in the fine ocean swimmers series NSW, and already we have a winner...

The fine ocean swimmers series NSW nsw starts on November 22 with Dawny's Cockatoo Challenge at Balmain.

budgeysmugglerlogo150The series involves a handicap pointscore over eight, especially selected open water and ocean swims. The series draws attention to community-based, community-run swims that don’t get much attention now. It encourages swimmers to do more swims, and it supports smaller swims as well as the better recognised larger events.

Prizes include trips to Vanuatu to do Espiritu Santo Swim Week (May30-June 3, 2016) and to Fiji for the Mana Fiji SwimFest (October 20-22, 2016). Random prizes at participating events include memberships of NSW Masters Swimming and $50 vouchers to budgysmuggler.com.au. (See below for more details on travel prizes.)

mastersnswlogoNovember 22 - Dawny's Cockatoo Challenge at Balmain (longer swim)... $50 budgysmuggler.com.au voucher - Emma Corrick, NSW Masters membership - David Coward
December 13 - Bilgola Ocean Swim (longer swim)... $50 budgysmuggler.com.au voucher - Neil Montford, NSW Masters membership - Jim Donaldson
January 3 - Capt. Christie Classic, Gerringong... $50 budgysmuggler.com.au voucher - Louise Brett, NSW Masters membership - Barton Coyle
January 31 - The Big Swim, Palm Beach-Whale Beach (longer swim)... $50 budgysmuggler.com.au voucher - Claire Chalmers, NSW Masters membership - Peter Earls
Feb 21 - Murray Rose Malabar Magic (longer swim)... $50 budgysmuggler.com.au voucher - Michelle Walker, NSW Masters membership - Anna Cox
Feb 28 - Bondi Bluewater Challenge (longer swim)... $50 budgysmuggler.com.au voucher - Matt Callander, NSW Masters membership - Nicola Clark
March 6 - Barney Mullins Classic, Freshwater... $50 budgysmuggler.com.au voucher - Margaret Kirkby, NSW Masters membership - Ben Shaw
April 10 - Shellharbour Ocean Swim... $50 budgysmuggler.com.au voucher - Tracy Goldstein, NSW Masters membership - Neil Donovan

You’ll need to do six of these eight swims to qualify for points and prizes in the series.

Final points

Jane McCallum has won the fine ocean swimmers series NSW after just seven rounds, with a lead of 125 points after Round 7 at Freshwater. We've never had such a clear winner of the series before. As one result, Jane is coming with us to Vanuatu to take part in Espiritu Santo Swim Week from May 29-June 4. Other ranking swimmers should take heart, however, for the second travel prize on offer goes to a random draw of all those who qualify for the series, ie having done at least six of the series eight swims.

(There were nine swims in the series, but this has been reduced to eight with the withdrawal of Stanwell Park.)

With one round to go -- Shellharbour on April 10 -- there are 28 punters who still can qualify for the travel prizes, having done at least five of the seven swims so far. Shellharbour will sor them out.

For final points at the end of the series, after Round 8 at Shellharbour... Click here

It's always interesting at Bilgola.

gerringong seven mile beach
The course at Gerringong tracks the rock platform from Boat Harbour into Werri Beach.


A trip to Vanuatu to take part in Espiritu Santo Swim Week in May-June 2016 (courtesy local resorts and oceanswims.com). Prize includes -

  • 6 nights accommofation in Santo
  • Entry to Espiritu Santo Swim Week
  • Airport transfers in Santo
  • Airfares Sydney-Santo return (winner is responsible for 3rd party taxes and charges)

A trip to Fiji to take part in the Mana Fiji SwimFest in October 2016 (courtesy Mana Island Resort and oceanswims.com)

How the fine ocean swimmers series NSW works

The series uses the oceanswims.com handicap system, with each swimmer's time being weighted for age and sex to produced handicap results. It makes it possible for swimmers of all ages and both sexes to compete validly with each other. It’s not just for “the usual suspects”.

The series provides structure and direction to the open water and ocean season in NSW, promotes the sport generally, encourages swimmers to do more swims, particularly swims outside major population centres, and allows all swimmers to compete on level terms. Swims in the series have been selected for their chronological spread throughout the season, their geographical spread, and for diversity in the size of swims and types of water in which they take place.

Note that, in order to quallify for points in the series, swimmers must wear conventional cossies. This means, budgy smugglers for boys and normal, no-arms and no-legs cossies for laydees. No fastskins, no wetties, not even jammers. Indeed, no cossies made from hi-tech material or with any flotation property. We have to draw the line somewhere if we want to level the playing field: so just normal cossies it is. We can't possible hope to spot everyone with "illegal" cossies, of course, so we rely on you lot to dob... Click here

Also, swimmers who use swim aids, such as wetties, fins, etc, also will not be eligible for prizes. We want this as even as possible.

Swimmers must do seven of the series’ nine swims to qualify for prizes. All swimmers who take part in series swims will win points. Final points will be the tally of all swims completed. The more swims you do, the more points you earn.

The handicap pointscore makes it possible for a swimmer of any age and either gender to win the series. When we’ve run a similar series in NSW over the past six years, past winners have been a truckie (age 40), a graphic designer (age 55), a horse breaker (age 56), a female clerical assistant (50), a lady in her early 60s, a lawyer in his late 50s, and a lady tennis coach (50).

Note that prizes in the series are not transferable, other than by oceanswims.com, and they must be taken in the year of award.

The series is organised by oceanswims.com and is supported by Air Vanuatu. It's a sibling series to our fine ocean swimmers series NZ, which is in its first year in season 2014/15.

Carnival is over - How it went in 2014/15

At the end of the day, there were 22 left swimming... And the winner is: Lisa Critoph, who all nine swims in the series, on 811.66 points. it.

Well done, youse, to all swimmers, particularly those who qualify for prizes. Lisa Critoph has elected to take the Vanuatu prize, which means she'll be heading to Espiritu Santo Swim Week from June 7-13. Lucky lady!

The other travel prize, to the Mana Fiji SwimFest in October, will be put to a random draw of all qualifiers at our brewery night, on a date to be fixed but we expect over early winter.

Those who've won travel prizes in the past are not eligible to win another, unfortunately. We're trying to spread them around.

All qualifiers after all 9 rounds are -

Lisa Critoph, Elanora, 811.66, 9/9 swims

Judy Playfair, Earlwood, 742.98, 8/9

Margaret Wilby, Thirlmere, 650.46, 8/9

Angela van Boxtel, Manly, 630.24, 9/9

Sue Wiles, Wentworth Falls, 625.43, 8/9

David Smith, Newtown, 611.37, 9/9

Fiona Hockley, Warnervale, 574.31, 8/9

Shayne Collier, Gladesville, 558.59, 8/9

Mark O'Sullivan, Maroubra, 552.1, 7/9

Matthew Innes, Roselands, 550.48, 7/9

Kate Helsham, Potts Point, 545.79, 8/9

Jillian Pateman, Lawson, 537.19, 7/9

Warren Smith, Kotara, 534.24, 7/9

Regina Haertsch, Willoughby, 504.24, 8/9

Jennifer Coogan, East Branxton, 483.26, 7/9

Graham Hill, Balmain, 458.31, 7/9

Marc West, Canterbury, 455.87, 7/9

Michele O'Callaghan, Warrimoo, 440.00, 7/9

Megan Duckworth, Narrabeen, 429.76, 7/9

Victoria Nettle, Sutherland, 423.99, 7/9

Brett McCulloch, Callala Bay, 418.67, 7/9

Norm McIntyre, Drummoyne, 390.53, 7/9

Final points...

For final points after Round 9... Click here


big swim palm whale 14
The Big Swim is the highlight of many punters' years.

malabar pano dh
It's peaceful at Malabar.

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freshwater pano DHD
There's a strong runout at Freshwater to assist punters on their way.

Back from the island at Coogee.

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