First Sydney swim of the new season, and at Narrabeen there was a bit of swell running, such that the organisers had to modify the course. "The swell got up a little," they told us, "and we made the 1.8km course into two laps of the 800m event, so as to have all the water savety in close proximity and the competitors not spread out over a large distance".

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Glistening Dave was at Narrabeen. He works at home these days and swims are the way he gets out of home. Narrabeen was not an enormous event: there were 110 in the main swim, 1.8km, and 63 in the 800m. This is the start of an eight-month season in Sydney.

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Mail bag...

How far?

I did the 800. It was tough getting out and back in but around the cans was great. Looking forward to the rest of the season.
It would be good, though, to know the actual distance of the short swim. It must have been a bit longer than 800 given out, round the cans twice then back in was 1600.

Jonathan Poole

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