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Swim on the Great Barrier Reef (not inside it)

We're on our oceanswimsafaris right now, immersed in preparations for those oceanswimsafaris still to come. We're gearing up for our final oceanswimsafari of the year, the Great Barrier Reef Swim on Heron Island on November 3-7.

We've had a tremendous response to the event this year, and if you're interested in joining us, there still are rooms available.

Most of the Reef rooms on Heron Island are taken, but some are still available, along with some Beachside Suites, Wistari Suites and Point Suites.

Think about staying outside the base days for the swim too: head out to Heron Island early, or come back later. The Heron Island people are offering deals on stays for the swim but including days outside the basic swim weekend.

Swimming on the Great Barrier Reef is a cathartic experience. You also may never swim in water as clear and as pristine as the water over the reef. It's very different from swimming off islands and beaches inside the reef. If you're thinking of heading north to swim over the cooler months, best to make sure that you're heading to water on the reef, not inside it. There is a big difference.

Find out more and book... Click here

mills pauline annan wayne england
Pauline Mills and Wayne Annan. Note, Pauline is not wettied.

Heartfelt journey

Kiwi-based Pauline Mills, who ranked 3rd in the fine ocean swimmers tallies in the season just past, is attempting the biggest swim of her life this weekend: 17km (10.5 miles) end-to-end along Lake Windermere in England's Lakes District. The swim takes place today, August 27... Click here

In the lead up, Pauline has swum through California, Wales, Scotland, and England to prepare for the event. The preparation has taken in a number of 10km swims, including the 10km Llyn Padarn event in Wales, eight laps over a 1.25km circuit in water of 14-16C. Quite apart from distance, this was intended as training in mental toughness. Indeed.

Plenty of punters undergo personal journeys like Pauline's, but hers has an edge on it: it follows a massive heart attack that her partner, Wayne Annan, suffered in April 2015 that has been followed by a very difficult recovery for him. Plenty of us know Wayne: he came 3rd in the fos tallies the season before. Strange to think of someone so active suffering as he has, but there you go. Who can explain life to us? That Wayne has survived at all probably is due to his fitness and activity beforehand. As part of his recovery, Wayne has paddled in support of Pauline on some of her swims, and he'll be alongside her this weekend as she does Lake Windermere.

Along the way, Wayne will make his return to open water swimming following his recovery with shorter swims attached to Pauline's epics.

So Pauline is doing these swims not just as her own personal journey, but to raise support for the National Heart Foundation of New Zealand through a "Give-a-Little" page.

"A number of highly fit people have heart attacks each year and many pass away," Pauline says.

All donations go direct to the Heart Foundation; Pauline does not profit. You can support her cause with "a wee donation", or perhaps a bit more.

You can be keep tabs on Pauline's and Wayne's journey through Pauline's facebook page... Click here

And you can donate here... Click here

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Part of our on-rushing peloton in Tonga last week.

oceanswimsafaris 2017 - Reserve your places now 

A word of warning: we've been deluged with pleas from punters to save spaces for them in our oceanswimsafaris next season. Already, we have three oceanswimsafaris to Tonga almost full, and we've taken bookings for trips to Sulawesi in Indonesia and the Costa Brava in Spain. We're taking refundable deposits from those who wish to reserve their places now. When we have the oceanswimsafari costs finalised, you can decide one way or another and either confirm or withdraw, in which case your deposit will be refunded in full

Email us now if you're interested in reserving a place. Be warned, we have just a handful of places remaining available for Tonga. We have more places available to other locations.

Send us an enquiry form... Click here

tonga whale beach resort
You can get up close and personal with humpback whales in Tonga.

Swims open to online entry

The season hasn't even opened, but already we have entries online open to a string of new season swims...

We have some interesting news coming too on new swims, including one in Sydney's eastern suburbs on the same day as the Cole Classic at Manly. That will be interesting.


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