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fos series this weekend

fos nsw 1516 bannerIt's on again this weekend: the fine ocean swimmers series, Round 2 in NSW at Bilgola, and Round 1 in New Zealand in Auckland, the Bays Swim.

In NSW, there are nine rounds in the series, starting at Dawny three weeks back and finishing at Shellharbour in April.

In NZ, there are six rounds, staring this weekend and running through the Rangitoto Swim, also in April.

Both series offer trips to Vanuatu and Fiji to the winner and to a swimmer drawn at random from all those who qualify for prizes by virtue of completing the required numbers of swims in the respective series: seven swims of the nine in NSW, and four of the six in NZ.

But be warned, you earn points for every swim you do. In your ultimate tally, all swims count. The more swims you do, the more points you earn.

The fine ocean swimmers series are designed to give each and every swimmer the chance to do well: all swimmers earn points according to their performance. We weight raw times for age and sex, which means all swimmers can compete on an equal footing. And even if you don't win overall, you have an equal chance of winning the second travel prize. Newd swimmers get more points than wettists, provided we can distinguish betweeen them in the results.

Last season's winnfos nz 1516 bannerers will vouch for this: in NSW, Lisa Critoph won the series and came with us to Santo in Vanuatu, while Megan Duckworth, who finished 19th overall, won the prize to Fiji.

In NZ, Bruce Smith won the series, while Rebecca Holingsworth, who finished 6th, won the draw and came to Vanuatu.

There are $50 budgysmuggler vouchers up for grabs at each series swim (all you have to do to qualify for that draw in NSW is to enter that swim online through And in NSW, a membership to NSW Masters Swimming also will be awarded at random from those who enter the swim online. In NZ, the budgysmuggler voucher will be drawn from all finishers.

Winner of the budgysmuggler voucher at the Dawny swim was Emma Corrick, while David Coward won the NSW Masters membership.

fos series swims – NSW

1. Dawny's Cockatoo Challenge at Balmain (longer swim, November 22)
2. Bilgola Ocean Swim (longer swim, December 13)
3. Capt. Christie Classic, Gerringong (January 3)
4. The Big Swim, Palm Beach-Whale Beach (longer swim, January 31)
5. Murray Rose Malabar Magic (longer swim, Feb 21)
6. Bondi Bluewater Challenge (longer swim, Feb 28)
7. Barney Mullins Classic, Freshwater March 6)
8. Stanwell Park Ocean Challenge (April 3)
9. Shellharbour Ocean Swim (April 10)

More info on the fine ocean swimmers series nsw... Click here

fos series swims – NZ

1. Bays Swim, Auckland Harbour (Auckland Central Masters), Sunday, December 13 (2.4km swim)
2. Red Beach Swim, Sunday, February 27 (3km swim only)
3. Cathedral Cove Swim, Ha Hei, Saturday, March 5
4. Rotorua Lake Oktaina Swim, Sunday,March 13
5. 5 Bridges Swim, Hamilton, Sunday, March 20, 7.1km (effectively 3km with current)
6. Rangitoto Swim, Auckland, Sunday, April 10, 4.6km

More info on the fine ocean swimmers series NZ... Click here

dave calendar cover 2016 150Glistening Dave's oceanswims calendar 2016 - Deliveries begin this week

Glistening David says he expects deliveries of his oceanswims calendar 2016 by the end of the week, and that's when despatch will begin to all those who have ordered their calendars already. There's still time to get your order in for delivery before Xmas, but act now.

David has selected his favourite photograrphs from last season from his "formal" swims and his early morning fraternisations in Bongin Bongin Bay to illustrate his 2016 ocean swims calendar. And, this year, Dave's been travelling, so the calendar includes his fave images from Tonga and Vanuatu.

The calendar includes every swim date we can find in Stra'a, New Zealand and the South Pacific, and a few more besides that we deem relevant or interesting. Pin it on your notice board at work, behind the door in the loo, on the wall in the kitchen, in your home office, your men's shed out the back, your sewing and knitting room, the wall in your hallway, so that you can check swim dates each time you leave home or return.

Find out more and order yours now in time for Xmas... Click here

View special

v200AMRWith Xmas coming up, we have our View special tailored especially for gift giving, either for yourself or for someone special.

Buy a pair of our Fully Sick V200A-MR goggles, and you can have a pair of the Fully Sicks' non-mirrored sibling, the V200A, for $18 – That's more than 25 per cent off.

v200lslmainimageThe V200A is exactly the same as the Fully Sick V200A-MR, except for the mirror coating. We use the Fully Sicks for daytime, when the sun is bright, and the non-mirrored V200A for early morning squad, although both have similar sun-protection properties.

Just order the two goggles online from our goggle boutique, and we'll adjust the price when we process the payment when your order comes in (we process these payments manually).

To order... Click here

sulawesi 151116 pool 600

New oceanswimsafaris - Sulawesi, Tonga, and more

We've announced our new oceanswimsafari to Sulawesi, in north-eastern Indonesia. This is a place so out of left field, you may not even have heard of it, let alone ever visited (we'll bet you haven't). But the water is glorious, clear, warm, and teeming with sea life. And the food is something special. Culturally so different from our other oceanswimsafari venues.

tonga whale beach resort

Check out our package and book now... Click here

We're also taking bookings now to our oceanswimsafaris in 2016 to Tonga and the Costa Brava in Spain. Our first Costa Brava oceanswimsafari is sold out, so we're putting on a second straight after.

To find out more and to book... Click here

Tow floats mean safer swimming

Our tow floats are available in the boutique now.

Tow floats are inflatable buoys that you tow with you when you swim.

swimsafe 04

They have a safety use and a practical role. The tow floats make you more visible to other swimmers and to people in water craft, such as hoons in speed boats and on jet skis (we don't mean well trained lifeguards, who behave responsibly).

We have two types of tow floats initially: a "donut" (above right) in which you can carry a water bottle, if you like; and a balloon type of float that includes a water-sealed compartment that allows you to carry valuables and even clothes for use at the other end, and so that you need not leave them on the beach at the mercy of ne'er-do-wells. The balloon-type buoys also carry a light so that you can be seen in the dark. That's useful both for water craft and for comrade swimmers. Where's Jim? Oh, there he is, right by my side!

We have both models available in either fluoro pink and fluoro orange. The balloon versions come in 20l (shown above with house model Peter) and 30l.

They'll be on sale on very soon. Just the thing for early morning, solo and long distance swimmers.

To find out more and to order yours now... Click here

Newcastle Beach

Swims this weekend...

  • Sat, Dec 12 – Nobbys-Newcastle (NSW), Auckland (Bays) (NZ), Albert Park (Vic), Fremantle (WA)
  • Sun, Dec 13 – Bilgola (NSW), Auckland (Harbour) (NZ), Henley (SA), Champion Lakes (WA)

A couple of our faves this weekend – on Saturday, Nobbys-Newcastle runs between those two beaches around the Cowrie Hole and past Newcastle Ocean Baths. This was one of our haunts as little children, when we swam on Sat'dee mornings with the Newcastle Police Boys Amateur Swimming Club.

Newcastle is a unique city with the CBD right on the beach. It's a spectacular course.

Online entries close on at 3pm on Friday... Click here


Then on Sunday, it's Round 2 of the fine ocean swimmers series NSW at Bilgola.

Two swims on offer: 800m and 1.5km. This is one of Sydney'd most beautiful beaches, and you can see how stunning it is by checking out Chris Ivin's video course preview on the Bilgola event page. It's worth watching for the stunning drone footage alone, and the soundtrack.

Remember, to qualify for points in the fine ocean swimmers series, you must wear conventional cossies only: budgies for boofheads and "normal" (no arms or legs) one or two piece for laydees.

Online entries to Bilgola close at 3pm on Sat'dee... Click here

st heliers auckland lucygdesign
Pic by

In NZ, the Auckland Harbour Crossing is on Saturday but we're more interested in the Bays Swim, one of the Auckland Central Masters Series: 3.6km from St Heliers to Tamaki Yacht Club.

This is Round 1 in the fine ocean swimmers series NZ. Do this swim and you'lll get points in the series.

There are budgysmuggler vouchers up for grabs at all fine ocean swimmers series swims.

More info... Click here

Useful advice

Fetch your entry

The best way to enter online is to use the Fetch function at the top of the entry portal page for each event. Click on Fetch, key in your password, and the system will populate the fields for you. You can make any adjustments you like, then save your details, making it easier for next time, too. If you can't recall your password, there's a facility to have it sent to your email address.

Easier to find swims

We've improved our events calendar, making it easier for you to find swim events in your area. In our main calendar (under Swims on, now you can search by regions within states and nation states. Eg, in Victoria, you can search for Melbourne & Bays, Mornington Peninsula, Bellarine & Surf Coast, Shipwreck Coast, and East Coast.

Be aware that we highlight "Featured Swims" on the home page, but for all swims, you need to consult the full calendar... Click here

Swims open to online entry on

Newcastle (Sat, Dec 12)... Click here
Bilgola (Sun, Dec 13)... Click here
Queenscliff (Sun, Dec 20)... Click here
Yamba (Mon, Dec 28)... Click here
Glenelg (Mon, Dec 28)... Click here
Gerringong (Sun, Jan 3)... Click here
Newport (Sun, Jan 3)... Click here
North Bondi (Sun, Jan 10)... Click here
Black Head (Sun, Jan 17)... Click here
Fingal Bay (Sun, Jan 17)... Click here
Newcastle Harbour (Tue, Jan 26)... Click here
Palm-Whale (Sun, Jan 31)... Click here
North Bondi (Sun, Feb 14)... Click here
Manly (Sat, Feb 20)... Click here
Malabar (Sun, Feb 21)... Click here
Bondi (Sun, Feb 28)... Click here
Freshwater (Sun, March 6)... Click here
Balmoral (Sun, March 13)... Click here
Port Noarlunga (Mon, March 14)... Click here
Forster (Sun, April 4)... Click here
Coogee (Sun, Apr 10)... Click here

Coming soon - Avalon (Jan 17), Mona Vale (Jan 24)


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