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The Dawnbusters enter the ocean at Bongin Bongin Bay, Mona Vale, one idyllic morning this week. You can swim here one morning in June, in the Mona Vale Solstice Swim, June 21. Entry through Click here (Thank you to Glistening Dave for this photograrph).

Geek to crack 300km

As we write, Auckland geek Mike Cochrane is heading back to Samoa for a new series of swims on the country's second island, Savai'i, a series that offers up to 18km in three swims on successive days. Should he complete all three, Cochrane will reach 306.4km for the season, beginning June 1 and ending May 31. Who'd a thunk it?

When he set out this season to break last year's record tally of 185.1km by Sydney's Nick McCouat, Cochrane's target was 200km. In the process, he spent a bit of time between jobs.

Cochrane's prize is a trip to Vanuatu to take part in the Vanuatu Open Water Swim on Saturday week, June 6. As it happens, he has declined the prize.

This means the prize slips down the list, in order of diminishing distance. The second placegetter, Perth's Caitlyn James (152.7km) also declined the prize, on the grounds that, at 18, she can't afford to get to Sydney to take up the prize, and she has university exams coming up. So it went to 3rd placegetter, at this point Wayne Annan, a poolie in Auckland, who also declined the prize on the grounds that he is out of the water at the moment following an illness in April.

So it goes to 4th: Pauline Mills, who happens to be Wayne's partner. When the NZ season finished last weekend at Raglan, Pauline had tallied 137.8km. Good work yourself, Pauline. And Pauline can take the prize, so she will be joining us in Port Vila the weekend after next. As it happens, Wayne will be coming too at his own expense.

The second travel prize from the series goes to a random draw of the Top 20 finishers in the fine ocean swimmers tallies. We're pretty sure the Top 20 won't change from their current rankings, although there may be some shuffling of positions.

More next week, but for the latest update on distances... Click here

Design this year's Mana Fiji SwimFest t-shirt

We get excited over winter, because that's when we get to visit all those overseas swim locations that we dream about over summer. And one of our favourites is Fiji's Mana Island, this year October 14-17. There are swims and functions over four days on Mana Island, so much activity that we call it the Mana Fiji SwimFest. And this year, Mana Island Resort, the swim organiser, is giving you the opportunity to design the swim t-shirt. Our cobbers at Mana tell us -

Mana Ocean Swim 2015 is coming very soon and we would like to invite you to design the official T-shirt for this years swim event. Just download one of the blank shirt photos (below), sketch your design on it and send it to us. We will choose the best design and print it professionally!

Besides having created a lasting memory for more than 300 people the T-shirt competition winners will receive a free 90 minutes Spa treatment upon their next stay with us.

You design the front - we design the back.

All submission to [email protected]

Competition ends on the 10th of June 2015!!!!

You can download two versions of the blank t-shirt to sketch your designs... Download blue... or white

fiji mana north beach 10
Ocean Swimming Stadium -- Mana Island's North Beach. You can swim here in October.

Mana Island, in Fiji's Mamanuca group, off Nadi on the west coast of the country's main island, Viti Levu, is perhaps the best venue in the Sarth Pacific for an ocean swim. We reckon the sea off Mana's North Beach should be known as "Ocean Swimming Stadium", so good is it for ocean swimming, particularly formal events. There's 135m of reef, then clear, deep water with easy current, protected from difficult conditions from the south. There's a 10km event on Thursday, October 15, which you can do either solo or in 3-swimmer relay (3km, 4km, 3km), and 5km, 3km, 1km, and 500m on Saturday, October 17. Something for everyone and a unique opportunity to build your distance early for next season's fine ocean swimmers' tallies.

After Mana, we take a small group north to the Yasawa islands, for a six day/five night oceanswimsafari. We'll swim a different course every day; no races, just mooching, relaxed swimming over coral reef and across channels. It's an idyllic way to spend a week.

You can do both Mana and the Yasawas, or either Mana or the Yasawas. It's up to you... Click here to find out more about Mana... and here for the Yasawas 

heron 1410

Heron Island 2015 open for bookings

The Great Barrier Reef Swim 2015, October 29-November 2, on Heron Island is open for booking. We cannot overstate how good this swim is. And the best thing: Heron Island is on the Great Barrier Reef. Being on the reef means the water is absolutely clear and teaming with sea life. This is a cathartic experience. More info and to book... Click here

Annual Awards and Brewery Night

fosnsw15logoWe'll be drawing our second travel prize from our fine ocean swimmers' series NSW at our annual Awards and Brewery Night at the Malt Shovel Brewery on Wednesday, June 24. Be there to be part of the draw, which is of all those who qualify for prizes and places in the series having done seven of the series nine swims. With the series winner, Lisa Critoph, coming with us to Vanuatu, the prize up on June 24 is to the Mana Fiji SwimFest in October.

It's coming up fast: Wensdee, June 24, in your diary for our annual Awards and Brewery Night at the Malt Shovel/James Squire Brewery in Camperdown, in Sydney. By courtesy of our favourite ocean swimming brewer, Chuck Hahn, and his team at Malt Shovel, it will be two hours of beer tasting, food matching, gas-bagging, gas-bragging, and our annual awards, as far as we can give them.

Tickets are free -- thank you to Chuck and Malt Shovel -- but you must book. Space is limited. You can book multiple tickets if you wish up to 4 per booking.

Go to our booking form under What's new on Click here

This weekend...

The season's winding down. We've closed up half the house... And so we might. Just two events this weekend, one in NSW, the other in NZ, and both on Sat'dee...

Saturday, May 23 - Noosa (Qld), Port Vila (Vanuatu) (NB: This is NOT the Vanuatu Open Water Swims, which run on June 6.

Swims open to online entry on

Vanuatu (June 6 and 10)... Click here
Mona Vale (Sun, June 21)... Click here
Mana Fiji (Thu-Sat, Oct 15-17)... Click here
Evans Head (Sun, Nov 15)... Click here

Coming soon... Tweed River (Sun, Nov 29), Toowoon Bay (Sat, Nov 28), Queenscliff (Sun, Dec 20)


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