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Champagne Beach... You can swim here if you come with us on Espiritu Santo Swim Week... Click here

Kiwi leads fine ocean swimmers' tallies

It will come as no surprise to hear that Mike Cochrane, a single Aucklander, leads the fine ocean swimmers talliies at the end of January. We reported on Mike a couple of weeks back (... Click here) and the lad is as good as his word. At the end of January, Cochrane -- who has since started a new job -- had swum 154.6km in 35 swims at an average 4.4km per swim.

This is more than some winners of the tallies in the past have completed in an entire season, and almost as far as other winners have done in an entire season.

There is daylight to the next swimmers... 65.6km, in fact, back to Caitlyn James, a Wessna-Stra'an, benefiting from the WA Swimming open water series. Interesting that the top order is dominated at this stage of the season by New Zealanders and Western Australians, the former also benefiting from the two mid-week series that run weekly either side of Auckland Harbour. They're not long swims, but they're frequent.

mike cochrane

Of the top seven swimmers at the end of January, six are Kiwis. The first New South Welshperson, Jim Donaldson, is at eight on 68.9km from 20 events at 3.4km average. There are just two from NSW in the top 42, with last year's talliest winner, Nick McCouat, at 43 on 41km. There's a Queenslander (Reece Southall) at 11, and two Victorians (Keely Williams, 17, and Peter Howes 24). Otherwise, they're all Kiwis and Sandgropers.

As the season grinds on, we can look to the top order being diluted with more NSW swimmers, as calendars wind down in other areas much earlier than they do in NSW. That said, it will take a superhuman effort from here to defeat Mike Cochrane, who has, in effect, put his life on hold this season to break the 200km mark.

For more details and the full Order of Merit... Click here

tonga whales swimmers
In Tonga, boats must stay 100m from whales, but swimmers may get close up. (File pic)

Swim with the whales in Tonga

Tonga is one of the few places in the world where it's possible, and legal, to get into the water to swim with whales, which (who?) migrate to the islands to breed in the winter. Come with us in July 2015 on a week-long oceanswimsafari to Vava'u where we'll swim from island to island, across reefs, and we'll go looking for humpback whales to swim with.

We're working with travel company, Dive Adventures, to bring you this oceanswimsafari that involves four days of swimming the waters around the Vava'u group of islands, Tonga's "second" island group, and a day out with the whales.

For info about our first inaugural Tonga Whales oceanswimsafari -- and about all our oceanswimsafaris in 2015... Click here


malabar pano dh

Swims where you don't need to worry about the surf

fos series 15 nswA crowded Sat'dee, but less so on Sundee...

Sat, Feb 14 - Edithvale-Aspendale, Sorrento (Vic), Leighton (WA), Bridport (Tas), West Beach (SA), Taupo, Wanganui (NZ)
Sun, Feb 15 - Malabar e (fos series, NSW), Henley e (SA), Christchurch (NZ)

We're taking online entries to Malabar, in Sydney's eastern suburbs, and Henley on Adelaide's beaches, both on Sunday. Both are easy beaches, surf-wise, so you don't need to hold back with your entries to see what the surf is doing.

The Murray Rose Malabar Magic is also Round 5 in our fine ocean swimmers series NSW. Two distances: 1km and 2.4km, in the relatively sheltered waters of Long Bay. It's a beautiful spot. And it's an unusual swim in that it's the only event in NSW run by a charity other than a surf life saving club. That means, the organisers, The Rainbow Club -- which teaches disabled kids to swim -- does not have the resources at its command to run such an event. But it receives tremendous support from individuals associated with surf clubs, especially from North Bondi, which was the club of the event's former patron and organiser, Murray Rose.

Long Bay is a pretty fjord in Sydney's sou'-eastern suburbs with the suburb of Malabar nestled on its southern bank. Because it's long, as its name suggests, the swell rolls in to the entrance, but by the time it reaches the beach, it's largely dissipated. Not much gets all the way in. The water is generally clear and quite flat, although it can be lively if there is a swell running offshore.

As you enter Malabar online, note that there also is a facility to donate to the Rainbow Club. Entries to events are not tax deductible (because you receive someting in return, to wit, swim entry), but donations made from the goodness of your heart are tax deductible. So add a little to your entry and you'll receive, after the swim, a receipt that you can use on your tax return.

Check the usual sources for up to date info on conditions..., and

Online entries to the Malabar Magic close at 3pm on Saturday, February 14... Click here

henley beach

The Charles Sturt Challenge at Henley, in Adelaide, offers two distances, 750m and 1.5km, along the beaches. It's run by Henley Beach Masters Swimming. There's an enthusiastic circuit in Adelaide. We don't hear a lot of it, but those who've swum there, as well as regular swimmers, love these swims.

Online entries to Henley close at 6pm, Friday, February 13... Click here

 budgysmuggler ladies

New budgys for laydees

A message from our cobbers at

Following some gentle encouragement from the team at, Budgy Smuggler has now considerably expanded our women’s one piece range to include the Fully Krispy Dremes, Pandamodiums and the Fully Sailor Striped amongst several other fun designs.

Click here to check them out at our website.

budgysmuggler logofine ocean swimmers series, round 5, Murray Rose Malabar Magic

Malabar is Round 5 in the fine ocean swimmers series NSW. All swimmers who finish the swim will earn points in the series, provided they're wearing "legal" cossies. There'll be random draws of a voucher from and NSW Masters Swimming membership from all online entrants who also finish the swim.

Remember, to qualify for points in the series, you must wear conventional cossies only: no fastskins, no jammers, no full body suits, no wetties. We try to police this rule, but we also rely on dobbers. Please feel free to dob... Click here

See our fine ocean swimmers series page for more info... Click here

Swims open to online entry on

Malabar (Sun, Feb 15)... Click here
Henley (Sun, Feb 15)... Click here
Nobbys-Newcastle (Sat, Feb 21 - postponed date)... Click here
Bondi (Sun, Feb 22)... Click here
Caves Beach (Sat, Feb 28)... Click here
Evans Head (Sun, Mar 1)... Click here
Freshwater (Sun, Mar 1)... Click here
Port Noarlunga (Mon, Mar 9)... Click here
Jervis Bay (Sun, March 15)... Click here
Lake Macquarie (Sat, Mar 21)... Click here
Fingal Bay (Sun, Mar 22)... Click here
Balmoral (Sun, Mar 22)... Click here
Stanwell Park (Sun, Mar 22)... Click here
Wollongong (Sat, Mar 28)... Click here
Forster (Sun, Mar 29)... Click here
Terrigal (Easter Sat, Apr 4)... Click here
Queenscliff (Sun, Apr 5)... Click here
Copeton Waters (Inverell, Apr 11)... Click here
Mollymook (Sat, April 11)... Click here
Shellharbour (Sun, Apr 12)... Click here
Coogee (Sun, Apr 12)... Click here
Black Head (Sun, Apr 19)... Click here
South Head (Sun, May 17)... Click here
Vanuatu (June 6 and 10)... Click here
Mona Vale (Sun, June 21)... Click here
Mana Fiji (Thu-Sat, Oct 15-17)... Click here

Coming soon... South West Rocks (Sun, Mar 22), North Steyne (Sat, Mar 28 - Date TBC)

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