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Tow floats are the latest device to make your swim safer, and to boost your security by allowing you to take your things with you rather than leave them on the beach.

One version of our floats even includes an LED light, so others can see you when you're swimming in less than full light.

Simply inflate the floats, attach it with a belt around your waist, and tow it behind you when you swim. You'll be amazed at how light and easy it feels.

The floats were designed originally by the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame. oceanswims.com/oceanswimsafaris.com have become the only distributor in Australia to be able to make them available here.

We have two kinds of floats: the Security Cell and the Donut.

The Security Cell also carries an LED light (battery not included). It inflates like a balloon, with a second, watertight cell in which you can carry your phone, your clothes, your car keys, and so on. The security cell seals with a roll down. Depending on conditions (such as surf), you may find one or two drops find their way into the cell, but otherwise it remains dry and your stuff remains safe. (Just in case, it might be wise to carry your sensitive items in a second sealed bag inside.)

The Donut is an inflatable ring with a base. It has half a cover, allowing you to carry your water bottle with you whilst you swim. You can even attach a flag to make yourself even more visible.

There are two sizes in the Security Cell model: 20l and 30l. Both Security Cell and Donut models come in either fluoro pink and fluoro orange.

Tow floats are all the rage in Europe and the US. Now, we introduce them to Australia.

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