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A number of swim organisers have asked whether other events have plans prepared to manage the Covid-19 risk, should their events be able to proceed in the coming swim season. On this page, we are posting material that we receive from organisers that all events can draw from in preparing their own plans.

If you're an organiser, or you have access to an event Covid-19 management plan, please send it to us for posting here... Click here



  • NSW Government - Community Sporting and Training - Guidelines for community sporting events, inter alia. Note: This information changes as Covid conditions in the state change; it is updated as necessary. Make sure you keep checking back to ensure you are update with official requirements. 
  • NSW Government - Covid-19 Safety Plan template


South Australia


No material found relevant to ocean swims.


None found, perhaps because Victoria currently is in Stage 4 restrictions.

Western Australia

New Zealand


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