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Yamba Ocean Swim

A traditional holiday swim on the NSW North Coast, timed to attract the hordes of holidaymakers who flock to the region between Xmas and New Year. Yamba is a stunningly beautiful coastal town, with a narrow strip of beach hugging the base of a vertiginous hill, atop which sits one of the most spectacular pubs on the coast. Make sure you visit the pub: you're sure to run into mugs whom you might only see in passing during the course of your daily life far, far away, or at footy tests, but you'll also get one of the most spectacular views on the coast.

There are two distances on offer plus a Dash for Cash. But you must do at least one of the two main swims in order to qualify for the Dash for Cash.

Note that, as with all community events, this event will be subject to Covid-19 restrictions. Swim organisers will have a Covid Safe plan in place. Late entries will be accepted on race day (at a $15 premium) as Yamba SLSC has a QR scan system in place to record details of those who enter the Yamba SLSC clubhouse.

Things you need to know...

  • Event - Yamba Ocean Swims
  • Organiser - Yamba SLSC
  • Date, time – Sunday, January 3, 2021, 9:30am (700m), 10:30am (2km), 11:30pm (Dash for Cash)
  • Distances - 2km, 700m, and 150m Dash for Cash (You must enter one of the two main swims to take part in the Dash for Cash).
  • Venue – Yamba Main Beach
  • Courses - The 700m swim starts at Convent Beach and finishes at Main Beach. It's a short walk from registration at the clubhouse at Main Beach to the start. The 2km swim starts and finishes at Main Beach. The Dash for Cash starts from a buoy 150m offshore from Main Beach and runs into the beach.
  • Race day – Numbering and cap distribution for ALL swims closes at 9 am. ALL entrants must be numbered and get caps at the clubhouse between 8-9 am on race day.
  • Entry Fees - 700m - $30, 2km - $30, both swims - $50, Dash for Cash - $10 (Dash for Cash entrants must swim in 700m or 2km to qualify for the Dash). Race day manual entries are subject to a $15 late fee per competitor.
  • Online entries close – 3pm, Saturday, January 2, 2021
  • Race day entries – ONLINE entries are preferred, however, late entries will be accepted on the day between 8am and 8.30am and are subject to payment of the late fee of $15. All entrants will be required to complete QR code scanning on entering the clubhouse for numbering. Bring your mobile phone with you to carry out this process.
  • Minimum age - 700m – 10 years; 2km – 12 years
  • Under 18 swimmers - Parents/guardians of swimmers aged under 18 must complete the online entry form, not the swimmers themselves. They must include their consent to the entry with full name and mobile phone contact. Just a phone number, a first name, or a number and first name will not do. Entries of U18 swimmers are not complete without this complete parental/guardian consent. U18 entries must use the parent's email address, not that of the U18 entrant.
  • Prizes – Winners of each category receive a prize.
  • BBQ – operating throughout the day. Bar open upstairs from midday. Covid-19 guidelines will be observed.
  • Conditions - Yamba is an open surf beach with all the characteristics that an open surf beach offers, such as variable breaks, sandbanks, gutters, rips, currents, conditions changing with the tide's rise and fall etc - all the fun of the fair! There is a southern headland that extends considerably to sea and which offers some protection from the worst of the southerly weather and swell. If seas are up, organisers have an alternative venue available inside the mouth of the Clarence River nearby.
  • Refunds – as this is a major fundraiser for Yamba Surf Club, entry fees are non-refundable. Thank you for your donation if you are unable to swim.
  • Phone contact - To comply with Covid Safe requirements, you must use a valid Australian mobile phone number with your entry online.
  • More information - Email Jim Dougherty, Surf Sports Director Yamba SLSC... Click here... or phone 0428 664 701
  • Progress online entries - Click here


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