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3 Points Challenge and True Mile Swim

There's something for everyone in this event: the Mile swim, the Skins, and the 3 Points Challenge biathlon.

3 points course 1812013 Points Challenge course...

north curl curl true logo 250The course of the 3 Points Challenge -- the biathlon that's been at the heart of this event for years now -- also is adjusted to avoid the problems offered by South Curl Curl in even the best of conditions. Since its inception, the 3 Points -- a mini tour of the lower northern beaches -- has started with a short swim at North Curl Curl, a run to South Curl Curl for another short swim, then a run to Freshwater for a third swim, then a run back to North Curl Curl. But how many times has the event been disrupted by sea conditions, especially at South Curly, which is one of the trickiest breaks in Sydney? This season, awgies are pulling the second swim back from South Curl Curl to a point about half way along Curl Curl beach. This will be, according to the course maps, well short of the nasty corner in the southern end. It makes the first run segment quite short and lengthens the second run, while also making the second swim much less likely to disrupt the event.

Don't forget, too, the invitational Skins swim event that runs after the main events, run amongst the top three finishers male and female in both the True Mile Swim and the 3 Points Challenge. This is terrific to watch, as they race over short courses from behind the break into the beach, eliminating last place-getters each time till only the winners remain.

Things you should know...

  • Events - 3 Points Challenge, and True Mile Swim
    • True Mile (1.6km ocean swim - 9am start, registrations close 8:30am)
    • True 3 Points Challenge biathlon (total c. 900m swims and 6km runs - c. 10am start, registrations close 9:30am, race briefing 9:45am)
    • Invitational Skins (c. 11:30am start - start time depends on finish of 3 Points Challenge)
  • Organiser - North Curl Curl SLSC
  • Distances - Ocean Swim is "1 mile" (about 1,600m); The 3 Points Challenge, made up of 3 surf swims of approximately 300m, with run legs in between, totalling around 6km in runs.; and The Skins, which takes the top 3 finishes, Male and Female, from each event in an exciting contest of swims back through the break at North Curl Curl. Surf skills mean a lot in this event, as well as overall fitness, for there is no break between swims, apart from in the ducky ride back out to start again.
  • Venue - North Curl Curl Beach, Sydney northern beaches. 3 Points Challenge land course runs to South Curl Curl, Freshwater, then back to South Curl Curl.
  • Time/Date - Saturday, December 4, 2021. See "Events" above for approximate start times. Entrants should plan to be on site, checked in and ready to go an hour ahead of the start time of their event. This gives time for warm up exercise and chatting prior to start time.
  • Registration - Race Day Registration will be open in the North Curl Curl Surf Life Saving Club from 6:45am. We will accept late entries for an additional $10 late entry fee. Pre-registered competitors will need to report at the registration area to receive the swim caps (for the Ocean Swim), Hi-Vis singlets (for the 3 Points Challenge), and timing chips.
  • Entry fees - online here only -
    • True Mile Swim - $30 ($40 on swim day)
    • 3 Points Challenge - 18 years + - $55, or U18 - $45 ($65/$55 on event day)
    • Mile + 3 Points Challenge - 18 years + - $75, U18 - $65 ($85/ $75 on event day)
  • Elite entry - There is an Elite entry option in the 3 Points Challenge only.
  • Biathlon rash vest - Starters in the 3 Points Challenge (biathlon) are required to wear a hi-vis rash vest throughout the event. The cost of this singlet is included in the entry fee. When you enter online, please also select your rash vest size. Available sizes are XL, L, M, and S. Note that rash vests from previous years' events may not be worn. Only this season's rash vest may be worn.
  • Prizes - Over $5,000 in prizes to be won across the day.
  • Online entries close - 9am, Friday, December 3, 2021
  • Under 18 swimmers - Parents/guardians of swimmers aged under 18 must complete the online entry form, not the swimmers themselves. They must include their consent to the entry with full name and phone contact. Just a phone number, a first name, or a number and first name will not do. Entries of U18 swimmers are not complete without this complete parental/guardian consent. Entries of U18 swimmers must use the parent's email address, not that of the U18 entrant.
  • Prizes - For the Ocean Swim, there is $250 for 1st, $100 for 2nd and $50 for 3rd outright in the Male and in the Female. There are a variety of prizes for the placegetters in the other age groups in both Male and Female. In the 3 Points Challenge, prize money is only available in the Elite category, with $1,000 for 1st, $300 for 2nd and $150 for 3rd in the Male and Female Elite category. There are a variety of different prizes for the placegetters in the other age groups in both Male and Female.
  • Conditions – Conditions at North Curl Curl can be testing depending on the surf size. There is normally a rip that carries swimmers north and out to the break. In the middle of the beach, there is a wider beach break with rips, banks, gutters, etc. Freshwater is normally a fairly easy surf break with calmer conditions than the Curl Curl beaches. There is a useful runout at the northern end of Freshwater beach, which should be avoided when coming in.
  • Minimum age - 12
  • Phone contact - Be sure to enter a valid Australian mobile number with your entry online. Organisers may decide to send sms messages to entrants advising of changes to event arrangements. If you don't leave a valid Australian mobile number, you won't receive them.
  • More info - Download the entry form... Closer to swim day... Or email the organisers... Click here... Event website... Click here
  • Progress online entries - To check progress entries online... Click here

Nth Curly DH 1401

Charity Partner

Love for Lachie Foundation

Lachie’s story is such a harrowing one, we urge you to dig deep and support his foundation which in turn supports the Kids for Cancer Project and Childrens Brain Cancer research

Lachie's story

The Love for Lachie group was established in loving memory of Lachie Muldoon who, at age 10, after experiencing mild headaches, was devastatingly diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. Lachie endured two invasive brain surgeries and a round of chemotherapy, but within six months of diagnosis, brain cancer had taken the life of this kind, fun-loving and brave boy, leaving all who knew him shocked and devastated.

Paediatric brain cancer of this type is a devastating, aggressive and fast growing disease and is the number 1 killing disease of children in Australia. Research for children’s brain cancer has been grossly underfunded for many years, limiting the options for treatments and trials for kids in Australia, and leaving parents without hope.

Since the inception of the Love for Lachie Foundation in 2016, the group has raised more than $1 million for children’s brain cancer research, supporting the work of Professor Kerrie McDonald, CEO Cure Brain Cancer (formerly of UNSW Lowry Brain Cancer Research Centre) and Dr Nick Gottardo, Co-Head, Brain Tumour Research Telethon Kids Institute. Love for Lachie is an authorised fundraising partner of The Kids Cancer Project, Cure Brain Cancer and the Tour De Cure charities. Currently, the Foundation is working on an international collaborative immunotherapy trial amongst Australia, the USA, and Europe which will see Australian children receive unprecedented access to a world-leading clinical trial. The three-year budget of the trial will be $A1,000,000, with confirmed budgets, trial protocol and timelines to be released shortly.

love for lachie banner 600

As a local Collaroy family, the Muldoons have received overwhelming support from the Northern Beaches community both from friends who knew Lachie and from many who never met him but had heard his story and want to do all they can to help and support this important cause. The Foundation has received amazing support from many of the local businesses, sporting associations and schools all taking on the campaign of raising funds for children’s brain cancer research and spreading awareness of the cause.

In collaboration with charity partners and local community supporters, the Foundation is committed to its mission to provide hope for the families who need it most by funding research for better treatment options, clinical trials and ultimately a cure to childhood brain cancer.

Please donate along with your online entry.

All donations are tax deductible. You will be issued with a tax receipt from the UNSW when your donation is processed.

Find out more about the Love for Lachie Foundation... Click here

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We accept Visa and Mastercard only.

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