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Cotto Swim

If you're not swimming Rottnest this year, you could at least do the start in this event on the WA calendar run in conjunction with the Rotto swim on Saturday, February 23. The Cotto Swim, run by the Rottnest Channel Swim Association, offers two distances, either 1km or 3km, from the Rotto start area on Cottesloe Beach, straight out to sea and back again. The longer event runs out to the wreck of the Leeuwin and back -- 1500m each way -- and the shorter swim just 500m out and 500m back.

  • Event - Cotto Swim
  • Date, start time - Saturday, February 23, 2019, 8am
  • Manager - Rottnest Channel Swim Association
  • Email - Website
  • Swim type - Surf beach
  • Distances - 1km, 3km
  • Minimum age - 12
  • Details - Event starts an hour or two after the Rotto swimers leave the beach at Cottesloe. Two distances head straight to sea, either out to the wreclk of the Leeuwin and back (1.5km each way), or 500m out and back.

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