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Mollymook Ocean Swim

mollymook slsc logo 150Back to Sunday for the Mollymook swim to Sunday, May 16. This positions this event -- one of the original country swims, right in the middle of autumn, which is the best time of year to swim. This is one of the prettiest swims you will ever do; Mollymook is such a beautiful beach. Try to stay for Monday, or arrive early for Saturday, and maybe do an early morning swim around the rock shelf to the racecourse, and back, too. That's an highlight. The Mollymook swim offers ocean swimming at its best. If you ever wonder why you get up to this caper, then come to Mollymook and it will answer all your questions. Best for out-of-towners: make it a weekend. Mollymook is full of holiday accommodation, and swimming informally on the other days can be some of the best you will do anywhere, as well.

Two distances -- the 2.2km swim from the north end of Mollymook to the south end, and 500m. Note that the 500m swim is open to juniors (10-12 years old) and -- and this is interesting -- to "novices". The organisers don't define what constitutes a "novice", but in surf life saving terms, it used to refer to swimmers who'd never won a surf race. In our context, it probably refers to new swimmers. What it means is, here is an ocean swim intended for less experienced punters who aren't keen on regular swimmers swimming over them and barging them out of the way. It should make for a rather more sedate experience for punters who would like to get some experience before submitting themselves to the rough and touble of a peloton out of control.

The 500m swim runs on a course in front of Mollymook surf club. The longer swim starts at the northern end of Mollymook beach and follows a course down to the southern end, where the Mollymook Golf Club beckons and the surf club sits. Shuttle buses will run punters from the surf club to the start.

The Dash for Cash, open free to all swimmers who complete either the 2.2km or 500m events, also runs in front of the club following  the two main swims.

black dog logo 150This event supports not only Mollymook Surf Life Saving Club, but also the Black Dog Institute, which researches depression and its treatment.

Mollymook is a very beautiful beach on the near South Coast. Glorious water with a beach break pretty well the entire length, although the start of the longer swim is from a relatively protected northern corner. Southern corner can be difficult with a strong run out at the toe of the rock platform. Last year, conditions were immaculate. We swam several times over two days around the rock shelf and south towards some of the best surf breaks on the south coast.

This beach is renowned for dolphins, even whales, turning up to swim with the peloton.

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 What you need to know...

  • Event - Mollymook Ocean Swim
  • Organiser - Mollymook SLSC
  • Distance - 2.2km + 500m junior/novice swim + Dash for Cash
  • Venue - Mollymook Beach, South Coast (near Ulladulla)
  • Time/Date - Sunday, May 16, 2021, 8:30am (500m Junior swim), 9:30am (2.2km)
  • Registration - 6:30am–8am (500M), and till 9am for 2.2KM, at the surf club.
  • Entry fee - Do one, two, or all three swims for $40 (18+) or $30 (U18). You must do one of the other swims in order to qualify for the Dash for Cash.
  • Bonus – Your entry fee also gets you your swim cap, a drink, and a steak sandwich or bacon & egg roll. (This is one of the dimensions to country swims that makes the experience so good.)
  • Entries – Online only for this event (from this page). No entries accepted on the beach on race day, due to Covid restrictions.
  • Online entries close - 3pm, Saturday, May 15, 2021
  • Under 18 swimmers - Parents/guardians of swimmers aged under 18 must complete the online entry form, not the swimmers themselves. They must include their consent to the entry with full name and  phone contact. Just a phone number, a first name, or a number and first name will not do. Entries of U18 swimmers are not complete without this complete parental/guardian consent. Entries of swimmers aged under 18 must use parent's email address, not that of the entrant.
  • Gear transport – With the start of the 2.2km swim at the other end of Mollymook beach, there will be transport to the start, and a gear drop at the start to bring your stuff back to the finish securely.
  • Merch – Event t-shirts will be on sale on race day.
  • Presentation – After the event in the surf club. Live music and bar open to all for the remainder of the afternoon. (Another reason why country swims are good.)
  • Major sponsor – Milton-Ulladulla Ex-Servicemen's Club
  • Conditions - Mollymook is a beautiful, crescent-shaped beach with an extensive rock platform beneath a headland at the southern end of the beach, and a smaller northern headland which shelters a nice run-out in the corner for the start of the 2km event. It's an open beach so it can take swell. Not uncommon to find yourself swimming with dolphins at Mollymook. Some lucky swimmers even have found themselves swimming with a whale and her calf.
  • Mimimum age - 12 (2.2km), 10 (500m)
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