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It's a glorious location for a swim, is Bondi.

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Bluewater Challenge

Awgies Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club (Bondi SBLSC) are sticking with their regular program in 2021, although like most events run in the Covid-19 era, they are taking online entries only. No entries will be accepted on race day. There are no caps on entries at this stage, but this depends on Covid happenings leading up to event day.

This event offers a different course around Bondi from near the centre of the beach, where Bondi SBLSC HQ is located. Main swim is a champagne glass-shaped course which runs out from in front of the surf club, thence towards McKenzies Pt, across towards Ben Buckler at the northern end of Bondi, then back into the surf club near the beach's centre.

The course is different from other Bondi swims, and the start and finish traverse the break mid-beach so potentially offer vastly different conditions, as well. It's a much more exposed break than that at North Bondi, less protected from swell and subject more to shifting banks and gutters. That means, it's lots of fun.

Come down and join the 'end of summer celebration on the famous Bondi Beach'.

What you need to know...

  • Event - Bondi Bluewater Challenge
  • Venue - Bondi Beach, register in front of Bondi SBLSC mid-beach.
  • Date/Time - Sunday, February 28, 2021, 8am (Beach Run), 8:45am (500m), 9:15am (1km), 10:30am (2.1km)
  • Registration/Entry – Online only. No entries accepted on race day.
  • Organiser - Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club (SBLSC)
  • Distances - 2.1km swim, 1km swim, 500m swim, 4km Beach Run
  • Parental consent - Parents/guardians of swimmers aged under 18 must complete the online entry form, not the swimmers themselves. They must include their consent to the entry with full name and  phone contact entered in the Emergency contact field. Just a phone number, a first name, or a number and first name will not do. Entries of U18 swimmers are not complete without this complete parental/guardian consent. Entries of U18 swimmers must use the parent's email address, not that of the U18 entrant. Entries of U18 swimmers who fail to meet these requirements will be withdrawn.
  • Entry fee -
    • 2.1km – $40
    • 1km Swim - $40
    • 500m Swim - $20
    • 1km + 2.1km Swims - $65
    • 500m + 2.1km - $55
    • 4km Beach Run - $40
    • 4km Beach Run + 1km Swim - $65
    • 4km Beach Run + 2.1km Swim - $65
  • Online entries close - 4pm, Saturday, February 27, 2021
  • Conditions - Bondi offers a wide open beach break characterised by sandbanks, gutters, rips and currents.
  • Mimimum age - 9 for 500m swim, 13 for 1km and 2.1km swims, 10 for the Beach Run.
  • Prizes - This event offers prizes to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd M/F in each age category in the 1km and 2.1km swims and 1st place in age groups in the 4km run.
  • Wetsuit policy - Organisers say, If the water temperature is below 18 degrees C on the day of the swim, then the organisers will allow participants to wear wetsuits in all categories.
  • Online entries close - 4pm, Saturday, February 27, 2021, NB: Online entries only to this event, unless Covid restrictions change beforehand, ie no entries accepted on race day.
  • Parking and transport - Parking at Bondi is difficult. Take public transport if possible.
  • Further infoEmail... Ph Dori 0417 030 811
  • Progress entries - For a list of progress online entries... Click here

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Race rules and conditions

  1. Swimmers' physical condition will be their own responsibility and all participants are encouraged to train in preparation for this event.
  2. The minimum entry age for the 500m swim is 10 years and 13 years for the 1km, 2.1km and 4km soft sand run.
  3. All swimmers must swim the prescribed course and ensure that their name is marked off the official entrants register at the conclusion of the Bondi Blue Water Challenge even if they do not complete the course.
  4. Swimmers must swim in the age category for which they are eligible.
  5. All swimmers must wear their prescribed cap, race number and timing device.
  6. Swimmers must wear only conventional swimming costumes made from lycra and/or polyester. Costumes must contain no neoprene or any other ‘high tech’ material or substance or any material with any flotation support. Male swimmers must wear only briefs with no arms, legs or any part of the costume covering their body above the waist. Female swimmers must wear either one- or two-piece costumes with no arms or legs. Swimmers who choose to wear non-conventional swimming costumes will not be eligible for any prize or qualify as an official place getter.
  7. A swimmer may use extraneous aids such as flippers, snorkels, floatation clothing or devices but will not be eligible for any prize or qualify as an official place getter.
  8. All swimmers must behave in a fair and sportsmanlike manner without interference or aggression towards other competitors and any breach of this rule may result in disqualification from the Bondi Blue Water Challenge.
  9. If in the opinion of an event medical officer or a water safety official a competitor is physically or otherwise incapable of starting or completing the Bondi Blue Water Challenge or has been in the water for an inordinate time such competitor may be disqualified from starting or be removed from the water at any time.
  10. There will be safety craft patrolling the course. Signal them if you need any assistance. Your safety is our priority.
  11. All decisions of the swim committee will be considered absolute and final.

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Please read this first: Any problems you encounter in entering this event are likely to be caused by browser conflicts. Don't hit the Submit button more than once: you will be charged each time you press it. If you run into problems, if your entry appears to fail, don't try to enter again until you have checked the progress entries list (there's a link to this above), and check your card statement to see whether a charge has been debited. If your confirmation email doesn't turn up, check your Spam and Trash folders. If all these checks return negatives, it's probably safe to try again. But ensure you have the most recent version of your browser, or use a different browser, or try from a different computer. If there's still a problem, email us and we'll try to sort it out. Refunds are available prior to close of online entries and are subject to an administration fee of $10. A service fee of $2.50 attaches to each online entry at check-out.

We take Visa and Mastercard only.

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