Results from this season... Our seasons run from June 1 through May 31.

If we're missing results, and you can tell us where to get them, please let us know... Click here

Please be aware: We do not respond to individual enquiries about when results will be published. We publish them when we receive them in usable form. You just have to trust us on this. Be aware, too, that most swims are run by volunteers, and some swims don't see that they can afford to pay thousands of dollars for chip timing. In these cases, organisers have to compile results themselves in their own time. They get them done as soon as they can. So don't be outraged if results are late or if we don't respond to your sometimes urgent and insistent queries about when they will be posted or where you can find them. In the words of our cobber, Gary Emich, who ran the Alcatraz Aquathlon in San Francisco, his advice to sometimes insistent entrants: "Dude, chill".

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