Samoa Swim Festival May 2015

The first Samoa Swim festival has just been held at the StevensonŐs resort at Manase, Samoa.

The group of International swimmers and spouses have enjoyed a week of swimming in the Manase area. Three swims were held 5km, 3km and 10km. New Zealand swimmers dominated the event with Steve Prescott winning all three with Mike Cochrane coming a close second. One of the high lights was watching 71 Year old Trevor Corkin an Ocean swimmer from New Plymouth , New Zealand who finished his first 10km swim.

The group also spent time coaching  the Year 3 – 8 children of St TheresaŐs School , Safotu. On the final day a race was held and all children received a t-shirt and the winners of each class a medal.


5km Swim

1st Steve Prescott 1.12.30

2nd Mike Cochrane 1.13.25

3rd Mike Adair 1.30.30

4th Trevor Corkin 1.36.00

5th Roy Klainman 1.45.00

3km Swim

1st Steve Prescott 49.36

2nd Mike Cochrane 51.30

3rd Mike Adair 58.32

4th Trevor Corkin 1.07.23

5th Roy Klainman 1.11.58

6th Marie Roxburgh 1.13.50

10km swim

1st Steve Prescott 2.48.15

2nd Mike Cochrane 2.50.42

3rd Mike Adair 3.20.31

4th Trevor Corkin 3.34.06

5th Roy Klainman 4.03.20

500 m recreational

1st Courtney Stevenson

2nd Michael Deffeney

3rd Carol McCormach